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contemplationContemplation is the act of silently thinking about yourself, ideally in pleasant surroundings. This is how people from the sixties spent 98% of their time, a tradition which continues to this day. When contemplating, although the point is to focus on yourself, it is acceptable to consider other things as long as they pertain directly to you. This could be how you like certain things, or you don’t like other things, or how you could have followed your dreams, or how a certain person never called you and now you are mad at them.

Many people reading this may be surprised to see contemplation associated with people from the sixties. Doesn’t everyone contemplate from time to time? The answer is yes of course, but most people are unaware that hippies actually invented it. This is because before the sixties no one had time to contemplate jack shit.

Before the sixties, you pretty much only had time to do 4 things – forage, work, eat and sleep. Sex was counted as part of sleep and stealing was counted as work. People were constantly busy, and if there was a second that was somehow not consumed by one of these 4 things it would be immediately devoted to drinking as much alcohol as humanly possible. So between a complete lack of self awareness and rampant drunkeness, contemplation was completely unheard of.

In fact, the deeper you dig into history, the more you discover that some of the most famous contemplators – Socrates, Jesus, Chinese people – never technically contemplated. This is because historical philosophers and religious figures were so distracted with people constantly coming up to them that they had literally no time to think about themselves.

People in the sixties however, for some mysterious reason still not fully understood, had tons of free time and absolutely no work to do. They began to lie under redwood trees while thinking about themselves, or gaze upon the ocean while thinking about themselves, or just take a day here and there to relax and think about themselves. Eventually, “thinking-about-ourselves” became “contemplation” as it is known today.

Please note – contemplation is never to be confused with meditation, which is the act of thinking about nothing, not even things that are not oneself. This is literally impossible for people from the sixties, but it is considered very bad form to acknowledge this.


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